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We saw the way progressive software was improving bookkeeping/accounting/tax compliance in small island nations and we thought, why not Canada?

We started off working in an office of developers and we got to pick the things that we liked and get rid of the things we didn’t (read – old/bad/smelly software). Being small and agile meant that we weren’t attached to any legacy systems. We learned that offices should have BBQ’s, the coffee doesn’t need to be terrible and games should be encouraged.

Should your accountant be the last one with a Blackberry?

We believe our clients should understand the financial aspects of how their business works and its our job to teach them. It’s not just a tax return.

The Sprout Team

The perfect mix of accounting and tech, our team has year of experience in the industry. Most of our team have or are working towards becoming a chartered professional accountant (CPA).


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Our Customers

From start-ups, design agencies, software consultants, and media companies, Sprout loves working with west-coast businesses. We believe that accounting and bookkeeping should be as automated and seamless as possible, and technology is a tool that helps businesses run lean and grow. Our clients keep us tech savvy and we feel fortunate working with so many passionate business owners.


“My goal is to help you succeed. If you can see how your business is performing quickly, and make decisions on that information, then I have accomplished my goal.

After working with a large accounting firm in Vancouver I moved into industry and was CFO and controller of a number of different public companies. My experience in different countries helps me work with diverse clients in diverse industries.”


CPA, CA President

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